Who we are

Informatica Computer Solutions S.A.R.L., founded in 1993, is an independent, full service provider of computer services and products. It is a computer services and maintenance firm that has become one of the best in Lebanon. With expert engineers employed, the staff of Informatica enjoys a variety of technical skills. We are particularly valued by our customers for our expertise in the installation and maintenance of all computer equipments and networking. We operate with the eagerness of being committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support.

Informatica Computer Solutions operates more than a dozen design and sales facilities in Lebanon, offering end-to-end solutions in computer systems. Our primary strategy focuses around full, on-site service, paying attention on the use of technology to fulfill business objectives. We have constructed a foundation based on clear and positive communication to ensure clients get the greatest return on their technology investment. Our technical team offers the professional expertise needed to develop entirely integrated technology solutions and presents a full set of technical skills to help our clients quickly attain the highest benefits, even from their computer troubles. Our strategy includes identifying objectives and building a detailed execution strategy and follow-up support.

Along with internet solutions and wireless networking, our Services include the capacity of working with: